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Bebe Buell & the Nashville Aces @ The Basement / Nashville TN / July 1, 2014

Bebe Buell may have never been a rock star on her own, but in her lifetime she has hung around enough of them to know how to act, look, and even sing like one. With that said, I’d chalk up this early evening’s short and sweet showcase at Grimey’s Basement a success. At a free […]

Grant Lee Hitchcock @ The Basement / Nashville TN / February 12, 2014

The unusual artist billing for this show refers to the frequent musical pairing of two singer-songwriters: rootsy American, Grant Lee Phillips, and eccentric Brit, Robyn Hitchcock. With both now using Music City as a part-time hub around touring, some scattered appearances around town together led the two to make this formal scheduled appearance. The Basement’s […]

Garland Jeffreys @ The Basement / Nashville TN / November 13, 2013

Less than a month ago, New York City based singer-songwriter James Maddock played a weeknight early show at The Basement. This night, Coney Island born and bred Garland Jeffreys followed suit. To connect some dots: Maddock produced Jeffrey’s latest effort, Truth Serum, and Nashville’s Thirty Tigers, who happen to office upstairs from the venue, marketed […]

James Maddock @ The Basement / Nashville TN / October 14, 2013

In a previous blog, I gushed accolades for the musical talents of James Maddock. In that piece, I discussed how he mostly gigs in and around New York City. Imagine my surprise when I found out–while I was in New York of all places–that Maddock would be playing the next night at my favorite hometown […]

The Silver Seas @ The Basement / Nashville TN / August 31, 2013

Great pop music is my true passion.   I have previously written about my love for one of its best proponents, The Silver Seas. This Nashville-based band consistently puts out great records and always plays a solid live show. Tonight’s long overdue return to The Basement would mark the 16th time I have seen them perform. […]

Seven Nights to Rock: Music City Mike’s Weeklong Adventure

In the late 70’s, a New Jersey music writer with the pen name of “Everynight Charlie” tried to go to a concert every night. I often wonder if this is what my life would be like if I were single. Although live music every night is not my ultimate desire, with my wife out of […]