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ON THE ROAD: Forecastle Photo Journal—Day Two / Louisville, KY / July 13, 2013

I came away today from Forecastle with the following two observations: Since time slots on the different stages generally overlap by about 15 minutes, artists should seriously consider not opening or closing with their best songs. Chances are that the new fans they are trying to attract are either leaving early or arriving late because […]

DAWES: Grimey’s Too / Nashville TN / March 20, 2013

Los Angeles-based band, Dawes, gave two brief performances here in Nashville last week. Beginning with a lunch time, three-song “Not So Secret, Secret Show” broadcast live on local radio station Lightning 100 (listen here). The band then headed over to play a 5:30 sold-out in-store at Grimey’s Too.  After a few more promo spots around the […]