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CLASSIC (SURPRISE) CONCERT: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band @ The Capitol Theatre / Passaic, NJ / December 31, 1977

Every working musician knows what they will be doing on New Year’s Eve—playing in a club through midnight to ring in the new year. Touring musicians may also find themselves playing on this night as well, often changing the timing of their set in order to be on stage when the clock hits the celebratory […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: Dave Edmund’s Rockpile featuring Nick Lowe @ The Bottom Line / New York, NY / October 25, 1978

I have already covered my love for Rockpile in this space, but this show at The Bottom Line was a special one. On a short sabbatical from work to study for my CPA exam, I was low on both time and funds. It had been over a month since I had seen a live show […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: The Who @ The Capitol Theatre / Passaic, NJ / September 10, 1979

In the late 70s, the Capitol in Passaic was widely acknowledged as one of the premier small theater music venues in the nation. The converted movie house in downtown Passaic was a place that everyone wanted to play—including artists whose stature supported a much larger capacity venue. In 1978, the Capitol was on a roll […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: Poco & Tom Waits @ The Capitol Theatre / Passaic, NJ / November 14, 1975

Back in the pre-punk mid-70s, I was a huge country-rock fan, and Poco was my favorite good-time band. I still went to see them play at every opportunity I could even though their leader, founder, and my draw to the band, Richie Furay, had recently left the band. This night’s show was at the Capitol […]