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Billy Bragg @ Parnassus Books / Nashville TN / September 14, 2017

Americana week usually brings more with it than just over 300 artists swarming through the music venues of Nashville. Outside of the officially sponsored events, WMOT-FM has a steady schedule of artist interview sessions, and there were also several events at Country Music Hall of Fame. Another sideline happening was the lunchtime appearance of British […]

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry @ Grimey’s New & Preloved Music / Nashville TN / September 23, 2016

“Brit” Billy Bragg and “Yank” Joe Henry, have recently collaborated on one of the most unique and interesting musical projects in recent memory. Modernizing the concept of “field recordings,” Bragg and Henry used several American railroad stations as their “fields.” Their exploits travelling and recording at the stops along Amtrak’s Texas Eagle railway route from […]

Americanarama VI @ Grimey’s New & Preloved Music / Nashville TN / September 21, 2013

Someone once asked me to describe what Americana music was. My simple reply was “country music that doesn’t suck.” I further embellished this remark by adding that an Americana artist most likely 1) plays an instrument; 2) writes their own songs; and 3) doesn’t need to use Auto-Tune to correct their vocals. While my description […]

Billy Bragg @ The Belcourt Theatre / Nashville TN / April 17, 2013

The other night I went to hear a political dissertation, and a concert broke out. That is one way to describe a Billy Bragg show, but it certainly would pay a disservice to his splendid musical talents. Mr. Bragg’s politics are no secret. His views are so far left he makes Steve Earle seem like […]