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The Great Country Rock Trade: Richie Furay for Graham Nash

On January 22,1969, the Montreal Expos traded Donn Clendenon and Jesus Alou to the Houston Astros for Rusty Staub. It was just a rather routine swap of Major League Baseball stars. Back then, before the freedoms offered by free agency and the chains of long-term big-dollar contracts, deals like this were quite common and were […]

My Journey Through the Kinks Katalog with Some Added Kinks Kulture

On occasion, I will go on a deep-dive listening spree dedicated to the entire recorded work of a band or artist. I do so on CDs in chronological order. As a proud card-carrying music geek, this is an enjoyable effort that most often leaves me with many fruitful rewards. In addition to enhancing my understanding […]

Meeting Bruce Springsteen

Has it really been 45 years since I first heard the Greetings from Asbury Park album and became a diehard fan of my fellow New Jerseyite, Bruce Springsteen? This relationship has produced some of my fondest musical memories, and, it seems that no matter what he does that I may not like, be it high-ticket […]

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: NOW (MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, August 30, 2016) and THEN (The Bottom Line, New York, NY, August 14, 1975)

It has not yet been 24 hours since Bruce Springsteen left the MetLife Stadium stage earlier this morning. Already, enough has been written about what many are calling the greatest concert of his legendary 50-year performing career. Previously, most music journalists pointed to his 1975 stint at New York City’s Bottom Line (two shows a […]

Rock Bands Who May Never Die

While in training to become a music nerd in the mid-70s, I went to see 50’s doo-wop vocal group The Platters. What I did not know was that this was only one of several bands then touring the country using that name. Not one of them featured a single original member of The Platters. Today, […]

Ten Tips for an Unknown Opening Act

I have been to over 1,500 rock concerts and have seen more than my share of unfamiliar opening acts. I’m not talking about the first to play on a double bill where both acts are established performers.  I am referencing that fresh, young singer-songwriter alone with an acoustic guitar or that fledgling rock band.  I’ve […]

Music City Mike—Live at Jake’s Barber Shop: The Great Lost Album

  Not many people know that the real reason I moved to Nashville in 1998 was to pursue a recording career. Singing and guitar playing have always been my greatest talents. Just ask my wife how great I sound in the shower. So back in 2004, I arranged to record a set of my favorite […]

Classic Rock Audiences Suck!

Steely Dan @ The Woods at Fontanel / Nashville TN / August 19, 2011 This is a re-edit of a post I made previously to Facebook. Thanks to @ChrisWillman for unintentionally renaming this for me. Steely Dan was absolutely brilliant. (Hey!) Nineteen songs played expertly for 2½ hours by some amazing players and sung beautifully […]