Music City Mike—Live at Jake’s Barber Shop: The Great Lost Album


Jake's Barber Shop - RESIZE

Not many people know that the real reason I moved to Nashville in 1998 was to pursue a recording career. Singing and guitar playing have always been my greatest talents. Just ask my wife how great I sound in the shower.

So back in 2004, I arranged to record a set of my favorite cover songs at a great sounding room down the street from where I live in Franklin. Yes, it was a barber shop, but we did it after hours, and they even swept the floor for us first!

All I can say is that the record companies I shopped it to were a bunch of fools not to release this back when I first recorded it. Now, finally, after all these years, my work will be released on locally based-Xaoh Records on vinyl, CD, and digital download. Ordering details will be announced soon.


1. Almost Cut My Hair (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
2. The First Cut is the Deepest (Cat Stevens)
3. Back When My Hair Was Short (Gunhill Road)
4. Devil’s Haircut (Beck)
5. Don’t Want No Foo-Foo Haircut on My Head (Mojo Nixon)
6. Baby’s Got a Brand New Hairdoo (Elvis Costello & the Attractions)
7. Big Hair (Nick Lowe)
8. Clean Cut Kid (Bob Dylan)
9. BONUS TRACK – Love Plus One (Haircut 100)

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