Fountains of Wayne – Lyrics Full of Proper Nouns

fowI’ve forever been a huge fan of this fabulous band that took its name from an old lawn and garden store in Wayne, NJ that I used to drive by all the time. While I’m willing to bet that you saw their sexy video for “Stacey’s Mom” on MTV, I also hope that you have gotten to cherish each of their five studio LPs and B-sides compilation as much as I do.

Sadly, FOW are no more as bass player Adam Schlesinger passed away from COVID-19 last year. FOW’s songs were all penned by Adam and lead singer Chris Collingwood. However, no matter who wrote what, they agreed to a Lennon-McCartney thing and shared all songwriting credits.

I for one have never tried to decipher their individual outputs. But, one thing is for certain, the use of proper nouns in FOW lyrics is legendary. While listening through their catalog for an upcoming “Ranking Records” video segment, I just couldn’t resist nerding out by putting together and categorizing a list of them all.

So, without further or do, here goes!


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