Ranking Records—The Ramones

Wow! This was a tough but fun one for me to get through. The Ramones were a band that I initially had zero interest in, but eventually learned to love. This oversight sure cost me the chance to see a lot of live shows back in the day, although I did see this one at CBGBs that I wrote about here.

It was a fascinating journey to rediscover all 14 Ramone’s LPs and along the way I read fascinating books by Joey’s brother Mickey Leigh, Dee Dee, Johnny, Marky, Richie and super-roadie Monte Melnick. After reading all these, I now feel part of the happy family!

Here’s a chart I made of all the LPs with their band line-ups and producers. (The two LPs in blue are the ones too pricey for me to buy on CD!) Enjoy the video and sorry about copping out on a full ranking – I just couldn’t do it. It’s sad to think that all the original members are gone.


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One comment

  1. I know and like some of the songs by the Ramones but I never got to explore their albums. I also had no idea they did all these covers.

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