Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1976

Continuing on with recapping years, here is a look back at another amazing one in rock music history. It’s hard to believe that this was 44 years ago! These are my favorites from back then and would love to hear what yours were.

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See you again soon and be sure to look back at my Ranking Records playlist for more videos if you liked this one. Together we have now covered from 1976 through 1981 as well as several different artists. More to come and I love getting suggestions.

Peace, love and music!


  1. hanspostcard · · Reply

    Have and love all those albums- was great to see Graham Parker’s albums on your list Mike- those were outstanding.

  2. These are all great choices, Mike. And you are right, 1976 was a great year in music – man, what a different time!

    My top 10 picks in no particular order (I’m bad at doing rankings!) are the following:
    – Stevie Wonder/Songs in the Keys of Life
    – Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band’s/Live Bullet
    – AC/DC/High Voltage
    – Blue Öyster Cult/Agents of Fortune
    – Boston/Boston
    – JJ Cale/Troubador
    – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    – Eagles/Hotel California
    – Billy Joel/Turnstiles
    – Bob Dylan/Desire

  3. Great picks from you as well. Thanks so much for your continued support. Eagerly getting started on 1975.

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