Ranking Records—10 Bands We Have Learned to Dislike

One thing we serious music fans love to do is be snobs and not like the bands everyone else likes. However, in some cases, we used to like those bands but have since changed our mind. Often, we even go so far as to even no longer claim to like the music that we once did.

Well, here is a list of bands that we together may share some sort of current dislike for.

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  1. hanspostcard · · Reply

    Being a fellow music snob- I agree with you on all the bands you mentioned. Mumford and Sons- music to go to sleep by. And l feel the same way you do- and The Dude from Big Lebowski does- about The Eagles!

  2. Totally agree with your picks, but I’m surprised you went after Frampton. Humble Pie, his early solo LPs- all great like you said, and now he’s kinda leaving everyone alone and not making noise like Sting or Bono. I’d give him a pass. Go after the Allman Brothers… the band that will never die, jeez.

    I don’t have a 10th LP, but can think of many in my collection that seem really hot at the time and then you never play them again… I’ve got tons of those- Cotton Jones, Cousteau, The Young Gods, Guillemots, Wild Strawberry, Big Head Todd, Eagle Eye Cherry…. always hoping to find that perfect band that will satisfy me for years and years.

    Thanks for posting and keeping it going.

    Craig in NJ

    1. Thanks Craig – I’ve long forgiven Peter, but man, he did take a big nose dive!

  3. john f condon · · Reply

    I thought for sure the dave matthews band would crack the top ten

    1. I am so proud to say that I never for even one minute liked them!

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