Teitur @ City Winery Lounge / Nashville TN / September 20, 2018

dscn8660Back in 2003, when Third and Lindsley had yet to grow by knocking down its north wall, I saw a show there that I’ll never forget. In addition to co-headliners Glenn Tilbrook and Jill Sobule, an unknown singer-songwriter from the distant Faroe Islands opened and just knocked my socks off. The first song he played, “Josephine,” from his stunning debut LP. “Poetry & Airplanes” captivated these ears that usually have an impatient aversion to new music in the live setting.

I immediately became a fan of Teitur who professionally drops his last name of Lassen. Fortunately, he has taken a liking to what he likes to call “Nash-Vegas” and over the years, has made repeated visits back to town to play live and write. On this September night, he treated a room packed full of local fans like me to a fine set of music in the City Winery’s small and cozy upstairs room.

dscn8667Alone on stage, Teitur switched between keyboard and acoustic guitar to spotlight his newest release I Want to Be Kind and made the room quite happy by rekindling four songs from his debut record. Teitur is a captivating performer with a delightful between-song banter that embraces both humor and humility.

dscn8669Just two days later, I would get the unexpected surprise of his last-minute addition to the Pilgrimage Festival where I would also get to meet some of the fans I met at this show.

Teitur’s music is a treasure. If you have yet to discover him, start with that debut record, and I promise you that you will keep working your way through his delightful catalog.


  1. Looking for a Place
  2. To Be of Use
  3. Sara
  4. Bird Calls
  5. If You’re Heart’s Not in It
  6. I Would Love You All the Same
  7. One and Only
  8. I Was Just Thinking
  9. Josephine
  10. Home
  11. I Want to Be Kind
  12. The Singer
  13. The Ocean
  14. Don’t Want You to Wake Up

Teitur – Vocals, Keyboard and Acoustic Guitar

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