Margo Price @ Third and Lindsley / Nashville TN / June 14 & 15, 2016

IMG_0612Having missed the early bus on Nashville’s Margo Price, I decided to hop on a later one when I saw the announcement of her show at Third and Lindsley. I knew it would sell out fast as did an added second night. The latter show would also be a special mid-week broadcast by local radio stalwarts, Lightning 100.

The distinction of being the first and only country artist on Jack White’s Third Man Records set the bar pretty high for Miss Margo. But, hearing from those who followed her early days around town with various bands, the signs of her inimitable success were obvious. This all seemed to culminate with some recent national exposure as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

After seeing her and this perfect band in the flesh, all I can say is welcome to alt-country’s newest and brightest star.

For me, the alt-country movement really harkens back to the days when Gram Parsons took the spark and attitude of rock and mixed it with the tempo and testimony of country. Country-rock artists took the best of both genres and gave us something that allowed us to dance, think and feel cool about it all at the same time.

DSCN3669Sadly, I discovered Gram through his death, but his protégé, Miss Emmylou Harris later showed me the way. Seeing her in the early days with her Hot Band was something special. And seeing Margo and the Price Tags is about as close as I’ve come to hearing that sound live in over 30 years.

Over two nights at Third and Lindsley, listening live and on the radio, I was totally taken by Margo’s versatility and stage presence. While she proudly boasts a fine current LP of originals, she’s also done her musical homework in selecting a collection of covers both old and new to make her own. She also took the time to balance her set with a tender acoustic interlude with her husband and musical sidekick, Jeremy Ivey.

Margo even paid a nod to Gram closing out both nights with his “Ooh Las Vegas,” a number he used to sing with Miss Harris. While Emmylou couldn’t make it to these shows to sing it with her, word has it that she will when Margo is said to be headlining the Ryman in November. I know that I’ll be there to witness this exciting event of Margo honoring her musical heritage.

PS – Jack came out into the wild to see Miss Margo on the second night, but left after one too many selfie photo requests.



  1. Hands of Time
  2. Tennessee Song
  3. About to Find Out
  4. Since You Put Me Down
  5. Paper Cowboy
  6. Swarmin’ (band instrumental)
  7. One More Last Time (acoustic)
  8. All American Made (acoustic)
  9. Well You Can Do It Without Me (Father John Misty cover)
  10. Give Back the Key to My Heart (Doug Sahm cover)
  11. Desperate and Depressed
  12. Four Years of Chances
  13. Heartaches and Hangovers (George Jones cover)
  14. Hurtin’ on the Bottle
  15. Rated “X” (Loretta Lynn cover)
  16. This Town Gets Around
  17. Ooh Las Vegas (Gram Parsons cover)



  1. Gotta Travel On
  2. About to Find Out
  3. Since You Put Me Down
  4. Why You Been Gone So Long (Jesse Colter cover)
  5. Paper Cowboy
  6. It Ain’t Drunk Driving If You’re Riding a Horse
  7. Desperate and Depressed
  8. Swarmin’ (band instrumental)
  9. All American Made
  10. World’s Greatest Loser
  11. Hands of Time
  12. How the Mighty Have Fallen
  13. Learning to Lose
  14. Black Rose (Waylon Jennings cover)
  15. Weekender
  16. Four Years of Chances
  17. This Town Gets Around
  18. Ooh Las Vegas (Gram Parsons cover) 

Margo Price–acoustic guitar and lead vocals
with The Price Tags:
Jeremy Ivey acoustic guitar and harmonica
Luke Schneider–pedal steel
Kevin Black–bass
Micah Hulscher—keyboards and accordion
Jamie Davis–lead guitar
Dillion Napier–drums

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