Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby @ City Winery / Nashville TN / November 9, 2014


Marriage has produced some interesting musical collaborations (Johnny & June) and some not-so-interesting ones (John & Yoko). One of recent interest has developed through the nuptial of satirical American songstress Amy Rigby and comically-clever British punk rocker Wreckless Eric.

Since 2008, the duo has bonded into an exciting recording and regular touring act that has released three records: two of new originals and one of covers. Original Stiff Records recording artist Eric has also been touting the recent CD reissue of his work as a member of the Len Bright Combo.

I first saw this happy-loving couple around the time of their debut release when they performed their complete show at free in-store appearance at Grimey’s. (There was no other paying room available for their tour during the busy Americana Festival.) On this November night, I was fortunate to see them play for the second time this year supporting former Mott the Hoople front man Ian Hunter.


The Eric and Amy show is a powerful high-energy set of song-swapping livened up by Eric’s whimsical between-song banter. His raucous style entices Amy to pep her songs up a bit which she did expertly in her stab at punk rock, “Dancing with Joey Ramone.” Eric on the other hand, took to slowing down his pace while performing his never tiresome classic “Whole Wide World.” While it was the only one of his hit Stiff Records singles that he played, it was one whose legend would not let him leave it out.

By all means, go see these two if they come to your town. Their Transatlantic musical chemistry has created a new full-spirted concoction that is something far more than just the sum of its parts.


P.S. And don’t miss their after-show meet and greet at the merch table. Getting to visit with Eric just might be the highlight of your evening. It always is for me.


  1. The Downside of Being a Fuck-Up
  2. Don’t Break the Heart
  3. Another Drive-In Saturday
  4. Til the Wheels Fall Off
  5. Kilburn Lane
  6. Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again
  7. Days of Jack and Jill
  8. Genovese Bag
  9. (I’d Go the) Whole Wide World
  10. Dancing with Joey Ramone


Wreckless Eric—Vocals, Electric Guitar and Bass
Amy Rigby—Vocals and Acoustic Guitar


Here’s me and Eric at Grimey’s back in 2008.

Wreckless Eric & MCM




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