New Madrid @ Grimeys New & Preloved Music / Nashville TN / February 25, 2014


In describing how hard it is to keep up with new music these days, a friend of mine coined the expression, “it’s raining music.” I couldn’t agree more, and it takes quite a bit of discernment these days to select what to listen to. Two storms collided recently when both the on-line edition of Paste Magazine and Grimey’s featured Athens, Georgia based New Madrid.

In town for a show the same night at the High Watt, the young guitar driven quartet played a 30 minute in-store. The set featured four songs from their new release, Sunswimmer, on Normaltown Records and closed with a ravaging 11 minute “And She Smiles.”


New Madrid’s sound is an aural landscape of guitars that often explode in delightful bursts of noise. While you might not find yourself singing their lyrics, you may find one of their infectious guitar riffs running through your head.

Put down your umbrella and give this band a listen.



  1. Forest Gum
  2. Dead Legs
  3. Manners
  4. And She Smiles


Phil McGill—Vocals and Electric Guitar
Ben Hackett—Bass
Alex Wooley—Drums
Graham Powers— Electric Guitar

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