ON THE ROAD: Forecastle Photo Journal—Day Three / Louisville, KY / July 14, 2013

All good things must come to an end including Forecastle.

Thankfully, I got an early start and saw the day’s opening set from Nashville’s The Wild Feathers. These guys are definitely the up-and-coming alt-country rockers to watch out for. “The Ceiling” may so far be my favorite song of 2013.

Wild Feathers

I got to hear a couple of songs from Tift Merritt. For some reason, she falls into the category of artists that I just can’t seem to get into although they look good on paper.

Tift Merritt

Dan Auerbach-produced Nigerian artist Bombino doesn’t speak any English. However he and his band were sure hot on the Forecastle stage on their electric guitars and in their native garb.


Bombino 2

Despite the afternoon heat, I went a full set with lighthearted indie-pop-rockers Tennis. They are another band whose catalog I am eager to check out.


Tennis 2

I already had a predisposition that Grace Potter was a little too rock star for me. Arriving a few songs into her set with The Nocturnals, there she was gyrating on the stage floor in a long white flowing gown. I guess I was right.

Grace Potter

Grace Potter 2

Continuing with first impressions, my first experience with The Secret Sisters was as an uninspiring acoustic duo. However, with a rocking band behind them, the sisters rivaled the best of the Everly Brothers with their lively sound and harmonies.

The Secret Sisters

With so much great music about, I was short on time for the awesome all-star bluegrass jam ensemble dubbed The Forecastle Incident. I think you will recognize most of these players.

Forecastle Incident

Forecastle Incident 2

I passed on seeing the “Harlem Shake” guy to watch Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters. I never was much of a Zeppelin fan, but this is the third fabulous band incarnation of Plant‘s that I have now seen. This remarkable set goes down as one of the best I have ever experienced. Words and pictures just can’t tell the story about how amazing their performance was—despite being shortened 25 minutes by rain.

Robert Plant

Robert Plant 2

Robert Plant 4

Robert Plant 3

Fortunately, the weather delay pushed back The Avett Brothers only 15 minutes. However, my son and I needed to get back to Music City, so we saw just a brief portion of their set before hitting the road.

Avett Brothers

It was a marvelous weekend in Louisville, and I am already thinking about next year.

FINAL NOTE: In a few weeks, Louisville radio station WFPK-FM will be streaming the sets from their stage that were broadcast live.


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