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Ranking Records: The 10 Best LPs of 1986

Now here’s a look at my ten fave records from 1986. Surprisingly, this list came together quite quickly for me. Please tell me what your faves were from this great year in music. Did you too feel the emergence of Americana that year? Thanks for your support and please LIKE, SHARE and most importantly, SUBCRIBE […]

Looking for Records: 12South – Nashville, TN

Well, I wasn’t really looking for records and I didn’t buy any, but I did stumble on two places worthy of a quick note. This also give me the chance to show you one of my favorite spots in Music City. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

Ranking Records: The 10 Best Records of 1972

Well, when I started to look at my favorite records for 1972, I had no idea just how many records I loved from that year. In the end, I whittled my list down to 20, so please bear with me through this extended look at this amazing year in music. As always, please tell me […]

Looking for Records – Rocketstar Records – Sarasota, FL

Wow – another great Florida record store with a cool knowledgable owner that you will love chatting with about records. It’s also a place where your dreams of finding a classic LP you are looking for might come true. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

Looking for Records – Bananas Records – St. Petersburg, FL

3,000,000 RECORDS!!!!! Yes, that’s the inventory count at the self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Record Store.” Watch me look inside this most amazing place. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE.

Looking for Records: The Clearwater Record Shop – Clearwater, FL

Man, if you are looking for a copy of a classic LP in good shape at a good price, look no further than this place in sunny Florida. I could not believe how everything I was after was just sitting there waiting for me in mutiple copies from which to choose. The cluttered shop is […]

Looking for Records – Estate Sale #1

Here’s the start of a new chapter of Looking for Records – watching the ads for local estate sales. Watch me go visit one that had some records and CDs ready for sale. Wait until you see what I got and how little I spent! PLEASE LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE

Looking for Records: Spinners Record Shop – Spring Hill, TN

Watch me take a trip to Spring Hill, TN to visit a great new record shop that opened just a year and a half ago. Well-stock and fairly-priced, its a place that you definitely need to visit. In addition to a ton of new and used vinyl, there’s also music books and mags to browse […]

Looking for Records: Carpe Diem – Franklin, TN

It’s time again to watch me shop for records. Here’s a cool little store in my home town. Another reason to do the tourist thing and visit “Franktown.” And please hit those buttons below to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE http://www.musiccitymike.net