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Ranking Records—The Replacements

Welcome to the fifth installment of this series. Today, I look at the seven studio albums by Minneapolis band, The Replacements. Nicknamed “The Mats” and known for some notorious live shows early in their career, I will also go through the other recordings by the band that need to be in your collection as well. […]

Bob Mehr @ Howlin’ Books / Nashville, TN / April 2, 2016

(Author of Trouble Boys: The True Story of The Replacements with special musical guests: Bright Little Field and Tommy Womack) Listening to Bob Mehr talk about The Replacements put me back under the spell that reading his fabulous book had me under. It was also like group therapy to be in a room full of […]

Great TV Music Moments: The Replacements—“Talent Show”

The 1st International Rock Awards (ABC-TV) 1989 If anyone wondered which came first, the idea for their appearance or the actual song itself, Paul Westerberg’s opening “What the hell are we doing here?” removed any doubt. But it sure was just a stroke of genius to get The Replacements to play this song from their […]

ON THE ROAD: Forecastle Photo Journal—Day Three / Louisville, KY / July 20, 2014

Hot summer weather returned to Forecastle on its final day causing me  to take things slow and rest up for my major musical event of the decade—the return of The Replacements. My laid back afternoon consisted of checking out small samples of several artists in between taking in the air conditioned splendor of the VIP […]