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Ranking Records: Poco

For this sixth installment of Ranking Records, we turn to the Country Rock genre and visit the catalog of the band Poco when Richie Furay was a member. One of my all-time favorite bands both live and on record, it was tough to rank these six LPs, but I gave it a shot anyway. Hope […]

The Great Country Rock Trade: Richie Furay for Graham Nash

On January 22,1969, the Montreal Expos traded Donn Clendenon and Jesus Alou to the Houston Astros for Rusty Staub. It was just a rather routine swap of Major League Baseball stars. Back then, before the freedoms offered by free agency and the chains of long-term big-dollar contracts, deals like this were quite common and were […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: Poco & Tom Waits @ The Capitol Theatre / Passaic, NJ / November 14, 1975

Back in the pre-punk mid-70s, I was a huge country-rock fan, and Poco was my favorite good-time band. I still went to see them play at every opportunity I could even though their leader, founder, and my draw to the band, Richie Furay, had recently left the band. This night’s show was at the Capitol […]