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Let’s Open This Box Set: Aztec Camera – “Backwards and Forwards”

Another box set has made its way into my hands and that is the newly-released 9-CD collection from Aztec Camera. Long one of my all-time favorite bands, listen as I point out the pluses and minues of this UK offering. PLEASE LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

Ranking Records—Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame

If you are unfamiliar with the music of the Scottish singer-songwriter Roddy Frame and his band Aztec Camera, this one’s for you. For those who are already fans, you know what I am talking about. The six albums Roddy recorded under the Aztec Camera name and his four subsequent solo records belong in everyone’s collection. […]

ON THE ROAD: Roddy Frame @ O2 Empire—Shepherd’s Bush / London, UK / May 22, 2014

Over 30 years ago in 1983, I was thrilled to be introduced to the talents of a 19-year old Roddy Frame through the praises of Elvis Costello. I was further privileged to see Frame’s band, Aztec Camera, open three dates on Costello’s American tour that year. Despite some later moderate success over here, Aztec Camera […]