Monthly Archives: April 2020

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Savannah

New to Nashville in 2019 was Savannah Nider, a small-town girl with a big beautiful voice. If you don’t believe me, give a listen to her latest single “We are Us.” Her words in this song are also a ray of hope that we all sure could use right now. Savannah is keeping in touch […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Jason Lee McKinney (Jason Lee McKinney Band)

Photo by Shellie Wright There’s usually a reason why an artist like Jason Lee McKinney credits his band and not just himself. Like Isbell’s 400 Unit and Springsteen’s E Street Band, Jason’s “Band” is just damn good! Splitting his time between Memphis and Nashville, Jason and his band have just released their 8th LP, “Pieces” […]

R.I.P.: Adam Schlesinger

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard about the passing of this great pop songwriter from COVID-19. At the young age of 52, I suspect that this stunned a lot of us and brought more of a somber sense of reality to this current crisis. However, I could just not let his death pass without […]

Ranking Records—Sex Pistols

In this special edition of Ranking Records, I take a look at the studio LP output by those notorious punk rock icons, the Sex Pistols. Please keep the day in mind, and I hope you like my Johnny Rotten impersonation at the end. Don’t forget to hit those “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons on YouTube and […]